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Document Verification

Verify for Authenticity the Documents which Bear Our Certification

We certify documents in three steps. First, both a certification label seal and embossed seal are affixed to a document which itself "is a true and exact copy of the original document contained and reviewed within an official government records repository." The embossed seal by itself is insufficient, with the embossment stating "VOID WITHOUT ACCOMPANYING SEAL." Likewise, the label seal is insufficient without the embossment seal.

Second, prior to the physical placement of our seals on the documents, they are scanned and the scanned documents are digitally signed. The digital signature becomes invalid if the scanned image is subsequently altered. A reference/order number is added to the physical documents for the purpose of verification, so that we can compare any document that we receive for verification with the corresponding retained and digitally signed image(s).

Finally, our certification is "subject to [our] confirmation.”

Our certification does NOT attest to the accuracy of the information contained within the documents that we certify; we are certifying that the document is only a "true and exact copy of the original contained and reviewed within an official government records repository." Nor can we attest to the accuracy of information on a document that may bear our certification on it, no matter how that certification arrived on that document. And we maintain the highest degree of confidentiality regarding our client’s records and information. We can release this confidential information only with our client’s written consent or pursuant to legal process.

However, we can compare the document submitted under our purported certification seal with the signed digital image of the documents that we have retained under the corresponding reference/order number.

How to Order

  1. Click the Add to Cart button below, Checkout and then create your account.
  2. After you've paid and completed your order, note your Order Number.
  3. Prepare a fax cover sheet that includes your Order Number, describe briefly the document that you are submitting for verification, and indicate whether or not the document has an embossed seal.
  4. Fax a copy of both sides of the document that bears our certification seal to us at 646-530-8701.

At the completion of our review, we will provide you with a letter of our findings that we will upload to your account with the results.

Questions? Or order by phone!

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